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Your Relationship Vision and Artificial Intelligence

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As a Couples Counsellor I often recommend couples create their relationship vision document. It's a nice exercise. It helps us get intentional. It brings us into our hearts. It helps us dream.

It's a roadmap. What's important to us? What are our values, individually and as a couple? What are we creating together? What is our commitment?

I see it done as a sticky note on the bathroom mirror, an artistic project, or an 18 pages Google document.

I see couples newly in love working on it together, and I see couples who've been together for 25 years, became empty nesters, and now are trying to figure out what does it mean to be in a relationship - that vision is very different from when they first started dating.

It's nice to create one. It's nice to review it yearly. What changed for us? What's important now? What did we learn in the last year, and based on this, what do we want to do differently now? What is a priority? What do we want to commit to this year?

What is something we long for? What are our heart's desires? What do we want to give? What do we want to receive?

It's vulnerable and beautiful to share it with a partner.

It might sounds like something like this:

"We're in this together for the long haul, embracing adventures, growth, laughter, and healing. Our vision is a love that's honest, and true —a journey where we both thrive, individually and together, creating a story that's uniquely ours."

What else could we include in this document? What's important? If you google, you'll get a whole bunch of ideas. I asked ChatGPT. Turned out, it can help! While way too formal for my liking, it's surprisingly thorough and thoughtful. I thought I'd share.

Our Relationship Vision

Date: [Current Date]

Introduction: We, [Partner A's Name] and [Partner B's Name], commit to building a strong and enduring relationship founded on love, respect, and shared values. This vision serves as our compass, guiding us through the journey of life together.

Core Values: We value honesty, open communication, and mutual respect. Trust is the foundation of our connection, and we pledge to be transparent and authentic in our interactions.

Long-Term Goals: Our shared goals include building a supportive and nurturing home, pursuing individual and collective growth, and creating a life that aligns with our aspirations. We aim to [mention specific goals like career achievements, family planning, etc.].

Communication: We commit to fostering a communicative environment where we actively listen and express ourselves honestly. In times of disagreement, we will approach conflicts with empathy, seeking understanding and resolution.

Quality Time: We recognize the importance of quality time in maintaining our connection. We will prioritize moments of togetherness, creating lasting memories through shared experiences.

Individual Autonomy: We celebrate each other's individuality and commit to supporting personal pursuits. We believe that maintaining a healthy balance between togetherness and independence is crucial for a thriving relationship.

Conflict Resolution: In moments of disagreement, we will approach conflicts constructively. We pledge to avoid blame, actively seek common ground, and work together to find solutions that honor both our perspectives.

Intimacy and Affection: We value physical and emotional intimacy as integral components of our relationship. We will express affection regularly and ensure that our emotional connection remains strong.

Roles and Responsibilities: We will collaboratively manage the responsibilities of our shared life, ensuring a fair and equitable distribution of tasks. We recognize that a balanced partnership contributes to a harmonious relationship.

Support Systems: We acknowledge the importance of external support. Whether from friends, family, or professional counseling, we commit to seeking assistance when needed to strengthen our bond.

Adaptability: Understanding that life is unpredictable, we commit to facing challenges with resilience and adaptability. We will navigate changes together, learning and growing through each experience.

Celebrations and Milestones: We will celebrate our achievements and important milestones, savoring the joys of our journey together. These moments will serve as reminders of our shared accomplishments.

Reflection and Adjustment: Periodically, we will revisit and revise this vision, ensuring it evolves with us. We are committed to continuous growth, both as individuals and as partners.

Conclusion: In witness of our commitment to this vision, we sign below, pledging our love, dedication, and efforts to the flourishing of our relationship.


[Partner A's Signature] [Date]

[Partner B's Signature] [Date]

Relationship Vision Document Example

Authored by ChatGPT, an AI language model by OpenAI on November 29, 2023

If you'd like a little bit of help, not with ChatGPT, but with an honest, real and vulnerable conversation about your relationship vision, I'd love to help. I'm a Couples Counsellor in Calgary AB, and online, and I also offer Individual Counselling focusing on relationships, communication and intimacy. You can book a free consultation with me here.


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