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Counselling Intensives for Individuals and Couples

New In-Person Sessions

I have started offering in-person sessions and intensives in a beautiful office on Capitol Hill.

If interested, please have a conversation or consultation with Rovena first to make sure it is a good fit.

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Sometimes weekly sessions might not work for you and your partner.

I'm now offering in-person sessions, starting with a 3-hour deep dive, half-day, day-long, or a weekend intensive for couples and individuals. 

For longer intensives I recommend we start with at least 1 online session, or, if you are coming as a couple with 1 session together, and 1 individual session with each of you. Then I’ll send you a questionnaire to get clarity on your intentions for the intensive. Then we'll start working on your goals in person.


The great benefit to an intensive is that we can cover a lot of ground without taking a break for a week or two between sessions.


We can focus on issues like:

  • emotional connection

  • communications skills

  • conflict resolution

  • decision making

  • intimacy and desire discrepancy

  • tantric sexuality, etc


We will finish with a clear plan and homework practices for the next few weeks, or months.


You will receive handouts and information about all of the practices we’ll be doing during the intensive, and resources for your homework practices.

Who would benefit 

  • Couples who want in person and not online sessions

  • Any couple, who due to travel/busy schedules/ work and kids, is unable to commit to regular weekly sessions​

  • If you need to turn your relationship around, and if you are ready to do this

  • If you’ve been emotionally disconnected and want to reconnect

  • If you have decided to get married or move in together or have other important decisions to make 

  • If you feel like you just don’t understand  each other

  • If you feel like roommates and not lovers and want to work on creating intimacy and sex life that's deeply fulfilling for both of you

Intensives could be really FUN and feel like the best date night, intensives could also be tough and emotionally challenging - it’s an investment into your relationship.


We can look at it as maintenance or a tune up. Every relationship deserves time and energy being put into it. You don’t have to wait until you are in trouble. It works so much better if you come before one (or both) of you is starting to consider separation.


Day long and weekend intensives are coming soon. This is like your own personal Couples Retreat. You might’ve heard the term marathon couples counselling. Unlike group retreats, you get to focus specifically on what you want to work on and get individual support every step of the way.


Office Location:

200 - 2003 14th St NW

Calgary, AB T2M 3N4


Intensives are available on select Saturdays or Sundays only, between 11am and 5 pm. (MST)



$165 per hour, 3 hours minimum ($495 + GST)

Your receipt will be send to you immediately after the payment.



Please double check with your insurance for the per session coverage. For example, they might cover a maximum of $200 per session, and if we are doing a 3 hour session it’s $495 + GST. I don’t want you to be disappointed. Please make sure that your policy covers counselling or clinical counselling.


Cancellation policy:

You will pay a 50% deposit at the time of booking and the remainder is payable 1 week prior to your first session.  Due to our scheduling commitments, there is a 1 week cancellation policy. Your therapist has to make themselves available and arrange their schedules for these sessions, so it is imperative that you keep your appointment and commit to this process.  If you cancel 1 week prior to the intensive, a full refund will be issued.


Weather Cancellation Policy.

We are in Calgary, and our winters can be pretty unpredictable. There’s aways an option to switch to a virtual, on-line session if weather prevents you from being able to attend the in-person session.  However, no refund will be issued if you decide to cancel as per policy above. 

Contraindications to Couples Counselling Intensives 

  • Domestic violence

  • Acute mental illness

  • Untreated acute addiction


As much as I wish to pack everything into a session, this will not be possible. We will focus on 1 or 2 issues - for example, intimacy and communication.


For some couples that’s all they want, a bit of help to reconnect and turn things around. For an average couple it can take a few months to notice consistent changes.


For couples recovering from an affair, dealing with traumas, etc., more sessions might be needed.


You are always welcome to schedule another intensives or continue with online maintenance sessions.

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