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Individual Counselling for Women

Working on Relationships and Intimacy Issues in Individual Counselling

"We are fundamentally designed to heal" Dr. Diane Heller

You wish being in love was easier. There's often so much pain that goes with relationships. You've been hurt in the past, maybe even experienced trauma, and the tension and anxiety follow you every time you try to fall in love. There's so much shame and so much grief from the past. You want a loving relationship, but you never seem to be able to get there.

woman laying on the ground dreaming

Is there something wrong with me?

"What is wrong with me?" plays over and over in your head. All you know is criticism and it feels lonely. You don't even know what it means to love yourself, so you figure that's why it's so hard to love someone else. Others make it look so easy. You wish you could feel just an ounce of confidence.

You wonder what it would be like to feel a sexually fulfilling life, to understand your sexuality and embrace it, but it’s hard to be compassionate towards yourself most days. You give and give and give in your relationships but you never seem to receive. So you move onto to the next lover, trying the same thing. It's not working. You need boundaries so you don't pour yourself out and have nothing left to give, but you just don't even know what that would look like.

Individual Counselling for Women in Calgary

My name is Rovena Magidin and I love woking with women in the area of sexuality, intimacy and relationships. Maybe you've tried counselling before but it never has addressed all of you - your emotions, desires, longings. You probably haven't talked much about your sexuality either. My clients discover that the healing isn't just about sex and relationships, it's about accepting yourself, loving yourself. It's about living with an open heart, welcoming passion into your life, being creative and playful. Being free. Being you!

Rovena Magidin, RTC, Individual and Couples Counsellor

I am here to help women who want to have relationships that allow them to be fully who they are, who want to know what it's like to look at a partner and know that I'm enough with or without them. To know that you can truly love yourself and be in a loving relationship.


My approach combines some of the best Western tools with Eastern tradition of mindfulness and sacredness. It's a very feminine approach.

We'll go on a journey of connecting with and opening your heart, finding your true voice and your boundaries. Your authentic yes and your authentic no. We'll work on you connecting with your power - power that comes from within, from knowing who you are. We'll work on discovering what being a sexually fulfilled woman can look like, and what would make it safe for you to explore. We'll work on healing, with a lot of gentleness and kindness. And we’ll work on those elusive orgasms (if that’s something you want to work on).


To read more about me, click here.

Common issues that come up in Individual Counselling 

Relationship Skills

  • what makes relationships work

  • communication skills

  • conflict resolution

  • art of compromise (without selling out or losing yourself)

  • healthy boundaries (what does it mean in relationships?)

Sexual Healing

  • understanding and embracing your sexuality

  • lack of desire or desire discrepancy

  • sexual pain

  • past sexual traumas

  • you are afraid to date again because sex didn’t work very well in your past relationships (or ever)

  • Sex and Intimacy Therapy for Women 

Secure Attachment

  • feeling safe and secure in your relationship

  • feeling heard, seen and understood

  • healing past pain, resentments and wounds from your past relationships

  • finding the courage to date again

  • self love in action

Book a Counselling Session

I’d love to help you. Click here to schedule your free 30 minute phone or online consultation for Relationship and Intimacy Counselling in Calgary, AB and online worldwide. We won't rush. You can ask me any questions, I'm happy to answer. My other specialties include Couples Counselling, Discernment Counselling and Sex Therapy for Couples and Women

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