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PreMarital Counselling in Calgary

Private and Flexible Premarital Counselling in Calgary, AB


A Relationship Skill Building Intensive Course


Love, Intimacy and Sex - Create a relationship that brings you joy and fulfillment

"Marriage is not a noun; it's a verb. It isn't something you get. It's something you do. It's the way you love your partner every day." — Barbara De Angelis


  • Private. It’s just you and your therapist, Rovena

  • Flexible. We focus on what you need to learn the most.

  • Real results. This course is developed by Rovena based on the best tools she sees couples love and use and that make a difference.

  • Key skills covered: Communication  conflict  Resolution. Intimacy.

Who is this for? 

This course is specifically designed for:


  • Engaged Couples

  • Newlyweds

  • Couples who are considering marriage

  • Couples who are pursuing a deeper commitment

  • Couples who decided to move in together

  • Couples who decided to start trying for a baby

  • New couples who want to build their relationship skills


as well as


  • couples who need a refresher, or a new start

  • couple who’ve been separated and decided to rebuild the relationship

  • people who’ve been divorced before and want to make sure their next relationship is a success

Why wait?

Why wait until you feel so much resentment and frustration you don’t even want to look at each other

Why wait for years watching the intimacy you used to have slowly disappear. , feeling rejected, hurt, disconnected  and wondering “where did it go?”

Why say for year stuck in the same pattern, yeh same fight, the same standoff where neither one of you feel heard, seen or understood.


I see so many couples who’ve been waiting for years to start counselling and by the time they do, we’ve got a lot of heavy lifting to do. We can still do it, and we can turn it around, but why wait?

You feel more like roommates than lovers. 

I ant to share with you the best, the most useful tools and practices that I’ve learned in the last 15 years as a couples counsellor and sex therapist.i want to support you in building a very strong foundation for the rest of your relationship. I want to help you bullet prof your communication and your sex life, and your communication about your sex life :)


This is not about perfect, this is not fairytale  “they lived happily ever after”. This is real and solid and very kind approach to relationships.

Happy Couple, couples therapy helps

What will you learn.

  • Let’s learn to talk to each other. About money, sex, parenting, in laws, politics, let’s learn how to have difficult conversation with respect and gentleness and kindness. How wood you like feeling that you can talk about anything with your partner and feel heard and understood. Learn how to set each other up for success.


  • You’ll have to deal with disagreements and conflict. Let’s learn how to compromise, how to avoid conflict when possible. How to repai, quickly and completely if conflict happened. And how to stay in it together, even when it’s u comfortable? Even when you disagree, without loosing yourself and without hurting each other. Let’s learn to work like a team. You are on each other side.


  • Let’s redefine sex and learn how to have fantastic and fulfilling  sex life even after the honey moon stage is long gone.  Sec and intimacy that sustains yku through life stttrssesx and changes, moving in together,  getting married. Getting pregnant (if you wnat to have kids). Growing older together. Perimenopause. Menopause. Mid life crisis. Retirement.

We’ll stop here or this course will be 60 hours long instead of 6. We’ll focus on  the most important stuff and if there are other areas you want to focus on- we can do this in a private session after.


Relationships are not easy, but not many things in life bring us the same level of fulfilment. It’s hard work at times, but it’s working.


Let’s do this before


Let’s prepare.

Expert Premarital Counseling in Calgary.

My name is Rovena and I’m a therapist who loves helping couples. It's my passion and my purpose. I’m a huge relationship geek and I've studied with some of the best couples therapists, learning and practicing tools from modern Western psychology to Eastern traditions that view relationships as a spiritual practice.

I love bringing sacredness and mindfulness into our sessions along with some really cool practices which will help you communicate about things you don't know how to say. Tools that help you heal past hurts, tools that will help you develop friendships again, and tools that will help you reconnect in the bedroom.

Rovena Magidin, RTC, Individual and Couples Counsellor

Depending on what supports you most, I will use tools from Gottman Method Couples Therapy, Core Erotic Blueprints™, Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, Developmental Model of Couples Therapy, Love Coaching, Internal Family Systems (IFS), Polyvagal Theory, Attachment Theory, Hakomi (Mindfulness Based Somatic Psychotherapy), EMDR and/or Yoga, Mindfulness and Neo-Tantra. I have a lot of training and a lot of tools in my toolbox, we'll find what supports you best. 

What's included? 

This is a private Relationship / Martiage prep class. It’s 1 therapist and you and your partner. So it’s flexible.


You get 6 hours of session time (4 90 minutes online sessions or 2 3 hours in person sessions with homework and feedback in between)


You get all the handouts that will support  you practicing at home, for years to come


You get your questions answered


You get a quiz to see the strengths and weaknesses of your relationship so we can work on the core issues that you need the most support with.

Question: What if we only want to work on communication and not on sex, or only sex and not communication - we can absolutely do that. We'll ask you about your goals prior to our first session and Rovena will plan accordingly. 

Course Highlights 

  • Communication Mastery: Learn the art of effective communication to foster understanding and connection with your partner.

  • Conflict Resolution: Develop skills to navigate disagreements constructively and strengthen your bond through challenges.

  • Intimacy and Connection: Explore ways to enhance emotional and physical intimacy, ensuring a deeper connection with your partner.

  • Relationship’s Strength and Wellness: Focus on your individual well-being and that of your relationship, preparing you both for a successful and happy marriage.

Why work with us?

  • Flexibility. this is not one size fits all course. You’ll start with filing out a questionnaire and I will tailor the course based on your needs and areas or stuck.

  • I’m a sex therapists, so we’ll talk about intimacy’s sexual and non-sexual and how to make sure you have great sex life for the rest of your life together

  • We’ll go beyond traditional counseling,

It’s Time To Start Couples Counselling

I’d love to help you. Click here to schedule your free 30 minute phone or online consultation for Couples Counseling in Calgary. I’d be happy to answer your questions and make sure we are a good fit. My other specialties include Intimacy and Sex Therapy for Couples and Women as well as Individual Counselling and Discernment Counselling. 

See what others have said about Premarital Counselling with Rovena:

“I felt so comfortable and am very excited to practice and for future sessions.”

“Good energy and great environment, we felt very comfortable speaking.”

“I felt supported heard and understood. I think you hit the nail on the head and already understand us so well.”

Contraindications to Premarital Counselling

While I’m able to help so many couples, there are a few situations where I might not be the best fit, including​​

  • If there's domestic violence, active addiction or an untreated acute mental illness present in the relationship - you may need specialized help with a licensed professional, and it's likely that you will need individual support before pursuing Premarital or Couples Counselling.

  • If you've considered a break-up and this is your last chance to save the relationship, I would recommend starting with Couples Counselling and not with this course. 

Have questions first? No problem. Please contact me. I’d be happy to talk to you.

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