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Your Own Sensation Play Kit

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

If you and your parter are in the mood to play and explore all of your senses, if you just have discovered that your Erotic Blueprint is Sensual, or if you just want to try something different, here's a suggestion for you.

This is a list of items that will, hopefully, inspire you to create your very own sensation play kit. In Couples Counselling this is always a fun conversation, as people can be really playing and creative.

Start by walking around your house and picking up a few objects that will be fun to touch and explore. Something silky, like a scarf, something cold, like an ice cube, something scratchy like an old washcloth or a toothbrush, and maybe something tasty, like a piece of chocolate or a strawberry. That's a start.

You are on your way to play with your partner. Play their favourite song, help them relax, get into their body, blindfold them or tell them to keep their eyes closed to add an element of surprise, and alternate different touches, different sensations, and different objects on different parts of their body. Tease. Play. Let them smell the chocolate before they taste it, touch their lips with it, let them open their mouth and play with their tongue. Alternate with a kiss. Help them savour it.

Talk about boundaries and expectations. Decide who is going to receive first. This can be an amazing foreplay, or an exploration all on its own. Set each other up for success. Talk before, during and after. Ask for what you want and how you want it.

Here are some suggestions for the extended play kit. Use your imagination and your fantasies to make it personal.

  • Candles (and a lighter if they are not battery operated)

  • Body oil/lotion/massage oil (and a towel so it doesn’t make a mess)

  • Essential oils or something that smells very nice

  • Blindfold (or a scarf)

  • Something that makes a great sound (chimes, tuning forks, Tibetan bowl)

  • Something furry (like a car polishing mitt from Canadian Tire :) or maybe a mitten )

  • Something silky (scarf, pillow case)

  • Something super soft and fluffy (like a big puff ball or a pompom )

  • Leather or something that feels like leather (that feels good on skin)

  • Feathers (good quality)

  • Crystals (they feels cool and also some people feel their energy)

  • Something that feels cold (ice cube, metal, crystals)

  • Something that feels warm or hot - like a hot water bottle or hot packs

  • Something scratchy (like an old washcloth that's more scratchy than soft, or exfoliation glove - it needs to be "oh that feels good" scratchy, not ouch scratchy.)

  • Something that would feel heavy, to add pressure, like a weighted / heated blanket, weighted lavender eye pillow

  • Ropes (or a long scarf)

  • Handcuffs (and key)

  • Floggers/paddles/etc (you don’t have to be into pain (or maybe you are), suede flogger can feel very sensual, and some toys like that when applied well, can feel like a massage)

  • Massager or a vibrator or remotely controlled vibrating toys

  • Your phone and earphones or headphones and a few of your very favourite energetic/sensual/sexual/kinky/romantic songs

  • Something yummy that you can enjoy guilt free (and preferably mess free, something that's easy to eat) - like chocolate or raspberries

  • Wolverine claws (if you watched “Sex, Love and Goop” on Netflix Jaiya had quite an exquisite sensation play kit. You don’t need to match hers you just need to create something that works for you

And of course you have your hands and the rest of your body! Use creatively. Alternate. Delight into the sensations you create in your partner, and delight into your own sensations that you feel in your body. Luxuriate in all of your senses and the connection you feel with each other. Take your time. No rush. Receive fully. Give freely.

That’s more than enough to get your started. Have FUN!

And as always, if you need some help figuring out your Erotic Blueprints, want to improve your communication about intimacy, want to have fun again, please book your free Couples Counselling Consultation with me here.


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