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Individual and Couples Counselling in Calgary

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Sex, love & goop

“Sex, Love & goop explores what it means to be truly intimate in a relationship: to express your deepest fears and desires and to accept those of your partners,”

~ Gwyneth Paltrow

Have you watched Gwyneth Paltrow’s and her lifestyle company Goop’s new series “Love, Sex and Goop” that came out on Netflix on October 21 2021?

A show in the Western society about sex. Of course it’s controversial. People love it and/or hate it. People say it should be private and not talked about. People talk about how the show didn’t focus on this or that aspect of sex and intimacy. People are critical of the presenters and the settings and pretty much of everything they can be critical about and yet ….. I think it’s an awesome, awesome introduction of what’s possible in the field of sacred sexuality, sexuality coaching and healing.

This show follows a few couples while they work with sexuality and intimacy experts to find more fulfillment and joy and understanding in the bedroom and their relationship.

I thought the participants were so brave and courageous and vulnerable - and I think their stories will resonate with so many people.

They talk about (and show) Sexological Bodywork, Energetic Orgasms, Core Erotic Blueprints, anatomy of arousal, pleasure, Family Constellations, sex and aging, same sex couples - and I think they do a mighty good job, within the time constraints and limits of the show of this kind.

Here’s the trailer, but there’s a lot more to the show - I’m not sure if I’d watch it based on that trailer alone. So if you watch a trailer and think “this is not my thing”, give it a chance.

It was especially interesting for me as I’ve trained with Jaiya (one of the experts on the show) and was in her very first class when she trained Erotic Blueprints Coaches. I LOVED her training and I LOVE sharing what I’ve learned with all of my couples. I’m also trained in some other modalities featured in the show.

I think it’s incredibly valuable and will make such a huge difference in so many people’s lives.

If more people were talking about it, this will become mainstream and we wouldn’t be having so many hangups and pain around sex.

Here’s some info about Core Erotic Blueprints that are mentioned in the show. It’s one of my favourite topics to talk to talk to couples about. This is where Couples Counselling can be really FUN. We talk about it in a lot more depth than was shown in the show. It makes such a huge difference. Sex Therapy doesn't have to be a drudge.

If you have any questions or want to explore it in sessions, please ask me! I’d love to help you!


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