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Vipassana Meditation Retreat Awaits

Meditation space

I signed up to do another Vipassana Meditation Retreat in July.

10 days of silence, no devices (freedom form phone and laptop, yay), no responsibilities, simple but delicious vegetarian meals (no dinner, only breakfast and lunch before noon, according to buddhist precepts).

No reading, no writing, no exercising (except for walking meditation). Not much of anything, really, except for meditation - 11 hours a day to be exact.

I love it. My first one was in 2014 and I've done 4. So it'll be 5 in 10 years. I wanted to do one once a year, but then pandemic happened, so that was that.

I can't wait to see what this year will bring. My first year I was scared, and also excited, and I was really hoping I'll get enlightened or something :))))) I'm no longer chasing that. I'm not chasing anything, I just want to be me.

My son asked my why can't I do this at home? Because at home I'm mom. I'm a wife. A happy dog owner. A therapist. At home, even if I take time off work, I'll probably end up working anyway, and studying - there's always so much to learn. I'll end up decluttering the house, doing projects. I'll end up stuck on FB, or watching another youtube video. It's not bad, but it's not the same. It's my life, and I don't need to escape it, I just need to unplug for a while. Remember who I am outside of all those roles and responsibilities. I want a reboot.

My relationship with meditation changed and shifted in the last 30 years. These days it's more about creating a sanctuary for myself - for all of me. It's about moments of quiet joy. Moments of deep connection. I'm no longer forcing anything or trying to make anything happen. I'm not fighting with my mind - although I'm sure at Vipassana I'll have to fight a few battles, the mind doesn't want to let go easily. At home I'm not following Vipassana technique, and my meditation often looks very different depending on a day. But I'm so grateful for the opportunity these retreats provide and I can't wait to see what this experience will bring.

Here's the retreat schedule. Am I crazy to do this? And even crazier to look forward to it?

Vipassana Meditation Daily Schedule

If you are curious to learn more, here's the website for the Dhamma Karuna Center in Youngstown, AB.


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