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Individual and Couples Counselling in Calgary

  • Writer's pictureRovena Magidin

Therapist's prayer

While studying Motivation Interviewing (a counselling technique useful to address ambivalence and helpful in creating change), I came across something very unexpected and beautiful.

A founder of Motivational Interviewing, William Miller, was talking about it with Native American Elders. They thought that this compassionate and respectful approach is in an alignment with Native culture and values and suggested that it should have a prayer. This is what was created (Scott Miller, William Rollnick, Raymond Daw, 2012)

"This particular version reflects meditative preparation to work with a female client, but the pronouns can easily be changed" Miller WR, Rollnick S. (2013). Motivational Interviewing: Helping People Change. 3rd Ed. N

Guide me to be a patient companion,

to listen with a heart as open as the sky.

Grant me vision to see through her eyes

and eager ears to hear her story.

Create a safe and open mesa on which we may walk together.

Make me a clear pool in which we may reflect.

Guide me to find in her your beauty and wisdom,

knowing your desire for her to be in harmony:

healthy, loving, and strong.

Let me honor and respect her choosing of her own path,

and bless her to walk it freely.

May I know once again that although she and I are different,

yet there is a peaceful place where we are one.

I’m touched and honoured to be a counsellor and gratefulI I get to do this work. This prayer puts into words everything I believe in and everything I’ve been trained to do. This is how I inspire to work. So very grateful.


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