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"Thawing the Freeze" by Dr. Arielle Schwartz

woman looking at the river and ice

Dr. Arielle Schwartz is one of my favourite teachers of EMDR, trauma recovery, neuroscience and somatic psychology. She is also a yoga teacher, and a poet. Today I wanted to share one of her poems that touched my heart and made me think of spring. It also helped me remember to gently hold my heart and listen.

Thawing the Freeze

Yesterday the soft surface of the water, a sign of spring, invited us to welcome the potential of rebirth. How quickly the ice forms again when a brisk cold front moves in. In a flash, these storms harden everything in sight. Like the world, caught again in the grip of fear, I, too, await the thaw. In the meantime, I listen for the signs of life caught just under the frozen surface. The current of water moving, a wing of a bird against the cold air, my hand over my beating heart. Do not lose sight of the sun, the powerful force that can awaken you

to love again.

Dr. Arielle Schwartz

Dr Schwartz has written books and blog posts on trauma recovery and post traumatic growth, neuroscience, yoga therapy, EMDR, and complex PTSD.


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