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Individual and Couples Counselling in Calgary

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NeuroGraphics art project by Rovena Magidin

I haven't been posting in a while because I feel in love. Head over hills. I'm in love with a new form of art, coaching, and art therapy called NeuroGraphics, or NeuroGraphica (as it comes from Russia).

NeuroGraphics is a captivating fusion of neuroscience and artistry. This innovative technique harnesses the power of visual storytelling to communicate complex ideas and emotions, tapping into the intricate workings of the human mind. Through NeuroGraphics, practitioners delve into the subconscious, removing obstacles, clearing old beliefs, creating a life they want to live - through creativity and beauty and colour and so much more. It's Art of Consciousness. The practice is one of awareness and deep presence. The lines and figures have certain meanings, the project follows specific algorithms designed to work with the subconscious, to create a lasting change.

NeuroGraphics image by Rovena Magidin

I've always been a passionate person. When I get into something, I don't hold back. I've been making these projects as much as I can, sometimes every day. I'm amazed by the results I'm seeing in my life. I will be doing more training and as soon as I can, I'll be sharing it with my clients.

I'm also learning this in Russian. This method was created by a Russian psychologist and artist, Pavel Piskarev, who also has a doctorate in philosophy. I, of course, wanted to study with the founder, and now my brain is doing mental gymnastics trying to figure out how to learn in Russian but share in English. It's harder than you think :)

I have no doubts I will figure it out! If you don't see updates from me as often as before, blame NeuroGraphics. Once I satisfy my thirst for new knowledge and new possibilities, I'll be back sharing more.

In the meanwhile, when not making art, I am still working. I'm not changing my work, I'm adding more tools to my toolbox. I offer Individual Counselling, Couples Counselling in Calgary, and Sex Therapy in Calgary and online around the world. Currently my evenings and weekends are completely full, so if that's the only time that works for you - get on the waiting list. If you have flexibility during the day, I'd be happy to support you. Feel free to book your free consultation here and we can discuss how I can help.


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