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Rovena Magidin, RTC, CCTP

Women's Circle in Calgary


In Person Women's Circle in Calgary, facilitated by Rovena Magidin, Registered Therapeutic Counsellor 

Practices for your soul through gentle and nourishing connection with your body, heart and community.

We come together in a circle to just BE (we have been doing enough, so this is not about doing, it's not even about learning, this is all about Being); to re-connect - with your Self and Others, to nurture your soul, and to tend to your heart.

We'll create a safe space for your authentic, precious self to come our and play and be seen and held and gotten and nurtured by others in a space of respect and warmth and comfort.


We will practice - a lot, so it gets easier "in real world". We'll practice being kind to ourselves, we'll practice deep listening, we'll practice tending to our hearts and bodies and souls.


Circle as a space where Transformation and healing is possible.

We will be surprised as the mystery unfolds.

Women's Circle Altar, with crystal bowls and Goddess cards

What will we do?

Delightenment practices, dyads, short guided meditations, mindfulness practices, movement, breath, chanting, play, energy practices, loving presence - with Self and Others. Awareness, gratitude, connection exercises, nourishment, celebrations, boundaries, giving and receiving; everything I've learned in the last 15 years, from both Eastern and Western perspectives.   


Oh, and hugs. We will do a lot of hugs, but only if you want to.

We'll practice individually, in pairs, in small groups, and as a group as a whole. It's a direct experience of autonomy and belonging. Which is really cool actually, as you don't have to give up who you are to be a part of this group. This doesn't happen very often. 

No one has to do anything they don't want to. It's ok to come and take a nap, or observe, or only practice solo exercises. It's ok. It's enough. You are enough, exactly the way you show up, it's a gift to the group.


I'm an introvert myself, and if this sounds a bit scary, anxiety provoking, and unnerving - I get it. We'll hold space for you, as you are, we'll hold space for it all. It's ok. You belong here. You only need to show up. There's nothing else to do.


All of You is welcome here. Your Yeses and Nos, your boundaries and longings. All of your parts are welcome here, your protectors and your vulnerable, hurt parts; your inner child and your future self. Your strength and your fears. Your joy and laughter, and your sadness, grief and tears. The fullness of your heart.  Your self expression. Who you are.  You belong here.


If any of this resonates, please join us. And if you have any questions - please reach out.

About Rovena

My name is Rovena Magidin and I am a Relationships Counsellor and a Love Coach. I've been facilitating Women's Circles since 2011 but I've taken a break through Covid and can't even tell you how excited I am to come back to it. ​

This is my purpose, and my passion. I absolutely love this work - and in fact, this isn't really work. I need this too. My soul needs it. There's nothing quite like the beauty and the power of women coming together with an intention of healing and growing, exploring and playing, laughing and crying, and discovering our authentic selves while supporting each other on this journey.  

Rovena playing crystal bowls

Logistics and Details 


Rovena’s house in MacEwan Glen, NW Calgary, just north of Nose Hill Park, off 14th ave and Country Hills Blvd. The address will be sent upon registration.

We have a dog and a cat in the house, they are not allowed into the event space, but if you have allergies, please beware.

Space is limited to 10 participants. 


To register:


Please go to

Scroll down to Events, or choose Events option on the left side navigation Panel

Click on Women’s Circle. The system will automatically bring you to the next circle. You can choose future circles by manually navigating to the required date (Jan 18, Feb 15, March 21 and every third Thursday thereafter).


All the details will be sent out after registration.



Regular rate: $30 + GST = $31.50

Or $20 if you need a break. (no questions asked)

Payment is required. Space is limited. Registration without a payment(e-transfer or credit card) does not guarantee you a spot.

Cancellation Policy:

  • A full refund will be provided for cancellations made within 2 days of the event day. (Just go to your registration in JaneApp and cancel:

  • No refund can be offered for cancellations made inside the 48 hour window leading up to the event.

  • Tickets are transferrable. If you are unable to attend, you may transfer your ticket to someone else.

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Rovena also offers Individual Counseling, Couples Counselling and Sex Therapy for Women in Calgary.

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