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Events in Calgary


We are currently not offering any workshops. After 10 years, hundreds or events and thousands of participants, Covid got me into a hibernation  mode when it comes to facilitating, and I haven't come out of it yet. 

If you were looking for a relationship, communication or tantric intimacy workshops,  please know I can share the tools in Individual and Couples Counselling online sessions. Couples Counselling can be fun. Pre-Marital Counselling is a great alternative to taking a class - this way we focus specifically on what you and your partner need to learn the most. 

If you were looking for a Women's Circle or workshop for women, please consider my Individual Cousnelling sessions, or Intimacy and Sex Therapy for Women

When we start offering events again, and we will, this page will be updated. 

Thank you for your support. 

Ready for the next step?

Click here to schedule your free 30 minutes phone or online consultation for Couples or Individual Counselling in Calgary. If you have questions, or want to make sure this is the right fit for you - I'd be happy to talk about it. 

My specialties include Couples and Marriage Counselling, Individual Counselling and Sex Therapy and Coaching for Couples and Women

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